Basic Game Play

The object of the game is to free chickens from the chicken coop game board by making chicken lines. A chicken line is made when you arrange five or more birds of the same color in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. For each chicken line made, Game Points and XP points are awarded.

Before each game you can select up to 4 Super Chickens (0-4) and one x2 Score Multiplier. Each super chicken has a special power that lets you free space on the board, make chicken lines or multiply game points.

Chickens come in 9 colors or breeds, plus Eggs which can be used as multicoloured jokers. Numbers can be shown next to the chickens (0-9) pressing the N key or setting the Show numbers for color blind option under Settings.

To play move chickens to form lines. Click on chicken then select a free roost (cell). The chicken will flap to the roost as long as long as no chickens or doors block the path. After each move three new chickens are added to the board. If a chicken line is made, it’s a free move.

Instead of moving a chicken, you can Chicken Swap the position of two vertically or horizontally adjacent chickens. This is done by clicking on the two birds you want to swap. You can make two swaps or a swap and move before new birds are added.

Earn Golden Seeds by making a line using a roost that contains a golden seed prize.

Earn Score Multipliers by making a chicken line containing a chalk board icon. The value indicated will become the next score multiplier. Chalk boards are added to the board whenever you make two chicken lines using two moves.