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Plumedini's Magic CHICKEN LINES

Some called it chance, some called it fate, but for the chickens of McGregor's farm it was a dream come true… Plumedini, famous Wild West showbird, Plumedini, escape artist extraordinaire, Plumedini, the Houdini of chickens, was rolling through the barnyard gates with his travelling circus of super chickens. Would the ringmaster of the greatest show on earth help these poor chickens escape the farm?

Of course, but not without your help! There are too many birds, too fast! Plumedini can only make them disappear if five or more are standing consequtively in a row, column or diagonal. Can you help them get in line? But watch out, each time you cluck a chick, three more jump on board. If things get too crazy, get one of Plumedini's super chickens to lend a hand. Each one has its own special super power that will help you clear the board when the coop gets tight!

You can pick four super chickens to help you out from the start, but as you free the chickens and earn points, you can get more super chickens, or invest golden seeds in Plumedini's travelling circus and he'll let you use more of his side show companions!

Chicken Breed Info

Hopper, Popper, Billy, Bud, Bitsy, Betsy, Marty, Chug, Geek (we have to leave Peep out of this) and their super-hero alter-egos all come from specific breeds of chickens, easily recognized by their distinctive coloring. The characteristics of these breeds may go a long way in helping us understand the chicken-psychology (a fledgling science, still being pioneered), the "why" and "how come", these birds have achieved such levels of fame!

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