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Plumedini's True Tales of Super Chicken Freaks
as retold by Cob Watson

over 400 pages of funny, featherful reading...

Some worlds are not that far off, all it takes is a nudge in the right direction. This book is one of those little nudges. Itís a book about eleven dreamers, eleven misfit birds, how they discovered their extraordinary talents and became part of Plumediniís Traveling Circus of Super Chickens. It is a book about legends, and how these legends came to be. A collection of stories retold through the words of a wanderer, Cob Watson, who, for a happy period of his life, was given a chance to tag along with Plumediniís caravan and chronicle the clucking tales of some unexpected friends.

Hopper (Rocket's Tale)

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Here are a few hints as to what you will discover from these chicken biographies:

How Hopper (Rocket) used his Burst-a-Flightless-Bird pack to sail the stars.
How Billy (Rhode Island Red) took his tip-tap routines on the road.
How Betsy (Penny Coop Keeper) unlocked her past with a skeleton key.
How Geek (Whacky Wand) discovered his hidden talent for randomizing.
How Marty (EZíLectricity) got zapped and saved the day.
How Popper (Master Cluck) unravelled messages amid the alien corn.
How Bitsy (La Nina) donned her mask to defend El Corazůn.
How Bud (Poultrygeist) learned the true spirit of haunting.
How Chug (Zombryo) came back from the dead to play his banjo.
How Peep (Yoker) thwarted the total annihilation of all laughter.
How Duck (Duck) discovered she was wanted.